North American Ornithological Conference

The Powers lab attended the North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC) in Washington, DC August 16-21.  While no current research students attended the conference, oral presentations were given by Dr. Powers, Anusha Shankar, and former Powers Lab student Rosey Elting.  Dr. Powers presented a paper on heat dissipation during hovering in hummingbirds.  Anusha Shankar, a Ph.D. student at Stony Brook University who has been working with the Powers Lab, presented a paper on hummingbird use of torpor at high nighttime temperatures.  Her presentation included data collected as part of Lab’s NASA grant.  Rosey Elting, a recent GFU graduate, presented her work on maximal feeding rates in hummingbirds.  This work was done while a research student in the Powers Lab.





Powers Lab Welcomes a New Team Member!!

IMG_3399Welcome to the newest member of the Powers Lab, senior biology major Rosey Elting. Rosey joined the lab to gain research experience in preparation for graduate school following her graduation from George Fox next Fall.  This Summer Rosey will travel to Arizona where she will measure maximum feeding rate in the four hummingbird species that have been the focus of the NASA project the past three years.  Current Rosey is busy working in the lab to work out the serial interface between the balances she will use in her experiments and the laptop computers that will be used to record data.

Powers Lab to try CrowdFunding to Fund Summer Hummingbird Work in Ecuador!!

In response to decreasing federal funding for basic research the Powers Lab is trying a new approach!  CrowdFunding!  An increasing number of research labs are taking this approach, particularly for project that involve thinking outside the box.  The intent of the Powers Lab campaign is to raise funds to get students into the field and pay them a summer stipend.

The Powers Lab has set up a GoFundMe page where you can get more information, watch a video, and see some photos.  We will also be periodically posting updates related to the campaign. If you would like to support our research click on the link below.

Powers Lab GoFundMe Page

Largest Lab Group Ever Travels to SICB 2015!!!

Last month six members of the Powers lab traveled to West Palm Beach, FL for the 2015 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting.  Those on the trip were Don Powers, Becca Schroeder, Joey Canepa, Sarah Nutter, Mimi Camacho, and Sean Powers.  The entire group present data from this past summer’s field season and the third year of our NASA-supported project on the effects of climate change on hummingbirds.  Here are some photo highlights!!

Mimi exploring posters on nest structure!!

Lunch time!!

Don talking on hummingbirds and climate change!!

Sarah talking heat dissipation with Mark Chappell!!

Poster session!!!!

Becca explaining torpor in tropical hummingbirds!!

Joey talking doubly labeled water!!!

Sean talking about heat dissipation!!

Mimi working the crowd!!

The Powers Lab team at SICB 2015!!

Sean with his poster!!

Joey with his poster!!

Becca with her poster!!!

Mimi with her poster!!

Sarah with her poster!

Lab Presents NASA-Project Data at SICB in Austin, TX!

IMG_1791The entire lab packed up their data and traveled to the SICB meeting in Austin, TX January 3-7.  The big day for the lab was Monday, January 6 when Don Powers gave a talk in the morning entitled “Physiological Sensitivity of Hummingbirds to Warming Environmental Temperatures” where he summarized data from this past summer.  Later that afternoon all the students present posters in which specific projects were covered in greater depth.  Specific posters presented were:

Influence of Environmental Temperature on Heat Dissipation in Hummingbirds (Katie Langland)

Is the Use of Torpor by Hummingbirds Limited in Landscapes with Warm Nighttime Temperatures? (Rebecca Schroeder)

Assessing Effects of Temperature on Daily Energy Expenditure in Hummingbirds Using a Non-Invasive Doubly Labeled Water Protocol (Joseph Canepa)

Using an Endotherm Energetic Model to Predict Hovering Metabolic Rate in Hummingbirds (Sean Powers)

All the students did really well at the meeting.  One poster judge who judged Becca’s poster went out of his way to tell us how exceptionally well Becca did presenting her data.  This is not surprising.  Even though the lab is staffed only with undergraduates, our students routinely engage meeting attendees with a solid understanding of the science associated with their projects.

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